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We offer a range of mortgage services to best suit your financial needs. Whether you are in Cochrane, Calgary, or any surrounding Alberta area, we look forward to serving you.

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First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home can be somewhat scary and overwhelming. Perhaps your concerned with the costs associated with buying and what to expect once you own a home.

We promise to take the time to explain, introduce any incentives you can take advantage of, and walk you through each step. We believe it starts with your financial goals and a community you love, from there we introduce to Canada’ top lenders and walk you through the process.

Move UP

Need a little extra space, perhaps a garage or a larger back yard? There are many strategies we will need to consider before you decide to move, especially when it come to the “cost of moving your existing mortgage” over to the new home.

Maybe you may want to rent your existing home or take out some equity? We will review all of the best opportunities with the least amount of cost for you, there is no need to pay more when you are making moves in real estate, it is all about maxing out the programs that exist and implementing them.

Second Home

Did you know you can buy a second home with as little as 5% down anywhere in Canada? There are a few guidelines for us to follow but certainly an excellent program for you to consider.

For a child attending a university away from home, your parents moving into your neighborhood or helping out a family member, it is an opportunity for you to buy another home without having to have a down payment of 20% or more.
Vacation home- have you always had your eye on a condo or home at the lake? No problem, the bank will allow you to purchase a vacation home with as little as 5% down payment. Depending on the location and type of home it is will have an impact on what kind of financing is available. We have many clients that have little getaways on weekends and they love it.

Rental Purchases

Are possible with 20% down payment. When you are ready to purchase a property that you will be renting out, we take the time to review the cash flow and expenses, along with how you will manage the home or have it managed.

Acquiring more than 1 rental is certainly possible with the right formula that fits within the required guidelines.


Keeping your home up to date and in good working condition is always a great idea. The value of your home will be consistent and attractive if you needed to sell.

Whether you would like to do a major renovation or possibly a floor at a time as you may want to live in the home while the renovation is taking place. Financing the renovation project can be done several ways, you may have equity you can tap into or we can add on an additional mortgage to complete the renovation.


Clients at times need money, a better rate, a better term perhaps or want to put their equity to work for them. Essentially we take the existing mortgage in place and replace it with a new mortgage or add onto the one you have already.

The funds can be used for childrens education, a new car, pay down your high interest debt and medical expenses. If you are drowning in debt and need a large sum of money we will analyze whether the lower interest of the refinance will lower your monthly payments and put you into better financial situation.

Line of Credit

A line of credit is an interest only loan that is a great strategy for a shorter amount of time, if you were going to carry a large balance.

The loan is open and the payments feel low, however the interest rate is likely higher than a traditional mortgage loan. Once the line of credit is in place you are free to use it for any reason and is fully open allowing you to pay it down or off at any time without penalty. A line of credit is always a product that can be handy to have in place close to retirement so you can access your equity at all times in case of emergency.


When your term is about to expire on your current mortgage we are certainly here to guide you with what will be the best term to consider for the next few years.

Your financial situation may have changed, or possibly you wanted to look at investing in the market, all of these wishes will be best suited by the type of product and strategy we review at the time of your renewal. We want to ensure we have covered your best options for your short and long term financial goals with your real estate and your finances as well.


Getting a divorce can be a stressful time, especially when it comes to the mortgage on the matrimonial home.

There certainly is a program in place for you to access the equity to pay out your spouse if you were wishing to do so. Each situation is unique to you, we will analyze your families needs and match you with the best options when it comes to divorce and the mortgage you require.

Reverse Mortgage

The “CHIP” reverse mortgage is a mortgage product that is an excellent for clients that are retired and over the age of 55.

The program allows you to buy a home or if you already own your home and would like to access some cash for groceries, travelling, medical expenses or even car repairs, you can certainly do so. There is no monthly payment required, the loan is paid off when you sell the home. We will take the time to analyze your needs and show you how the program works for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can assist with mortgage services in all the provinces in Canada as well as the Territories.

We offer residential and commercial mortgage services and loans.

Depending on your down payment and credit history, your credit score could be as low as 450, however, most lenders are looking for 620 and above. Please call us for details on your credit.

Please call us right away so we can help you, it is important that we work with the bank before it is too late. We are here to help at any time.

Please call or text us at 403-710-7522 for the most accurate information regarding your personal mortgage. We will provide you with the most up to date information and answer questions you may have about any mortgage services.

The minimum down payment that is required is normally 5% of the purchase price, please call us to get the details on which program you fit under for the down payment on your new home.

Welcome to your trusted and knowledgeable mortgage provider. We are a mortgage broker team, offering Mortgage services in Cochrane and Calgary and surrounding areas. We offer home owner and buyer solutions, and other financial consolidation opportunities.

Whether you and an individual seeking personal mortgage services, or a business looking for mortgage solution partnerships, we are here to serve you.

Our expert mortgage team strives to offer services that make financial decisions comprehensible for you. This includes:

  • Home purchasing mortgage services
  • First time home buyer mortgage services
  • Property mortgage renewal
  • Property mortgage refinance
  • Vacation home mortgage services
  • and more services.

The core of our brokerage values is focused around providing great customer service.

We focus on fitting the right mortgage products to your financial situation and at the same time provide the right advice that will bring you the most value.

Our approach combines our rich expertise in mortgages and with todays enhanced technology; it allows us to be more effective and supply you with efficient information that makes a difference, quickly and accurately.

Being a part of the local community, we are thrilled to be able to provide you with any needs in regards to mortgage services in Cochrane, Calgary, and surrounding Alberta areas.

Thank you from Lorrie and the team.

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