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With more than 18 years of experience, the Lorrie Rasmussen Mortgage Team is dedicated to assisting Albertans with their financing, to buy, build, refinance, or renovate a home. 

our vision

Fitting You With The Right Mortgage

We focus on fitting the right mortgage products to your financial situation and at the same time provide the right advice that will bring you the most value.

Our approach combines our rich expertise in mortgages and with todays enhanced technology; it allows us to be more effective and supply you with efficient information that makes a difference, quickly and accurately.

Our Strategy

We focus on finding new ways of building wealth and finding solutions based on today’s way of living.

We help clients save money, show them how to manage their mortgage so they can live in their homes for as long as possible, we work together to build a better life.

Mortgage policies are undergoing tremendous challenges, but our vision is clear. From developing personal financial plans and strategies, to introducing financial partners that tie into your life goals , we care deeply about Albertans finances, and we are 100% committed to making sure you are well informed and taken care from every angle of home ownership possible.

We have partnered with many forward-thinking, entrepreneurial organizations and professionals, with the belief that your overall financial fitness will improve as you progress through the years of home ownership with the guidance and advice from the top financial experts.

Our People

Meet the team

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Lorrie Rasmussen

Owner, Professional Mortgage Associate

Cody Nixon

Professional Mortgage Associate

Sabrina Sahar

Professional Mortgage Associate
Our Dedication

Vision & Mission

We are committed to delivering value to all our clients and being a partner of choice. We do this by continuously fine tuning the way we communicate with our clients, adapting to the fast-paced way of what technology provides along with keeping the experience of borrowing money simple and stress free. We are given such a wonderful opportunity every day to help Alberta homeowners win in the marketplace , we have a feeling of deep responsibility to make a difference in people lives.

The vision of the Lorrie Rasmussen Lending Team is to be a LEADER in the mortgage lending industry, giving all clients a professional experience with a personal touch.

We are a SOLID team.

We jump at the chance to Serve Others, while approaching all of our clients with an Outstanding Attitude. We want to Learn and Grow as a team from our clients and we take Incredible Initiative to do so. Lastly, we Dream Big so that you can Dream Big.

We want you to have the best home you can while making sure you are financially secure.

While holding ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards, we will advise you on the best program that meets your individual financial needs. We will shape your mortgage around all of your financial goals. We will guide you through the mortgage process and execute on your closing. We look to build lasting relationships with our clients and be your mortgage advisor for life.

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