4 Unusual Ways to Fund a Down Payment On Your Mortgage

New possibilities for home buyers!

One of my favourite plays in the mortgage space is hearing a lender is relaxing on where you can gather your down payment from. Saving enough can be hard, your clients may be $5k away from buying, here are some options to explore.

• Gifted: Yes you can be gifted some or all of your down payment- this is very popular- the giftor does NOT have to be an immediate family member

• Borrowed Funds: Yes you can borrow from your line of credit- your visa- a loan perhaps- we count this as a debt, but doable

• Selling of Personal Goods: Clients selling all kinds stuff they haven’t used in decades, there is money to be made here. Large items may require a bill of sale, like our client that sold their motor home last week

• Casino Winnings: Had this happen twice- one win for 12k and another for 70k…. great day indeed for our clients

We have options for your home buyers, reach out if you are working with a buyer that might just need a little more help to get into a home.

Buyers need guidance and a plan, we explore all of their available options when it comes to buying a home.


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